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Commercial Solar Purchase

Adelaide Energy is a full-service design/build solar company that serves commercial and industrial clients. We start with an introductory meeting where we explain solar and its benefits, answer your questions or concerns and allow us to do a complimentary (in most cases) solar impact study. This study will demonstrate how "going solar" will positively affect their bottom line.

Adelaide Energy

The solar impact studies will analyze your electric bills from the last 12 months, gather your electrical interval data from the electric utility, and find out what size solar energy systems state and local utility companies will allow. We then design and size a system to maximize ROI based on your specific parameters. In doing this, we consider the direction the panels are facing, the pitch of the roof (if any), shading obstructions, and weather pattern averages from the past 20 years. This allows us to estimate the amount of solar energy that will be produced in an average year. We can begin to calculate your time to break even and how many Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) you might be able to collect or sell. SRECs are issued for every Megawatt of Power produced. These can be sold to companies trying to offset their carbon footprint but have not yet taken advantage of renewable energy programs. SRECs are purchased based on supply and demand, so they fluctuate in price, which will differ by region.

During this process, we can customize your program with options such as adding electric vehicle chargers, anticipating building upgrades/expansions, taking annual electric price increases into account, etc., and showing you informed estimates.

Once you decide to move forward, we will take care of everything. Interconnection agreements are required to connect your system to the grid, and they can be very cumbersome, but we take care of it. Adelaide Energy will handle the interconnection agreement with the utility, state, and local design submissions for permitting, pulling permits, organizing the ordering of materials, and ensuring labor are ready to go when materials get delivered, so the project runs smoothly. Licensed electricians will tie the system to the grid, taking power created by the solar panels and running it through an inverter to change the power from DC to AC current, and wiring the system into your breaker box to feed the power onto the grid. Once a final inspection from the utility has been completed, we will get the green light to turn your system on.

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