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Adelaide Energy is a full-service solar company dedicated to providing commercial and industrial clients with renewable energy solutions and capital returns throughout the Midwest. We approach our work through an Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) contract model, making it a one-stop shop for going solar. This model has many benefits for your company, including improved communication, supplier prequalification processes, performance guarantees, fixed pricing, completion dates, and more.

Our system comprises the most efficient and safest products on the market. The products we use allow us to optimize energy down to the panel level, which maximizes energy production and minimizes shading losses. We take a solution-based approach and provide a complementary business case and detailed financial breakdown for each of our commercial and industrial prospects, giving you a better understanding of the project and peace of mind.

While everyone understands the environmental benefits of migrating towards renewable energy are great, perhaps the bigger motivation we see in our customers is the return on investment from a financial standpoint. In fact, almost all Adelaide Energy investments provide a complete cash-flow return on capital. We offer the best system at a great price, and that's hard to beat.


We create a positive environmental and financial benefit for our commercial and industrial partners by providing efficient and effective energy solutions


Increasing property value and capital returns through solar investments

Core Values


Meet The Team

Ryan Leestma

Founder, Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and has started and successfully grown many businesses over the last 25 years. After cutting his teeth in technology, he has since migrated towards commercial development, property management, energy, and construction. Under the Adelaide Companies umbrella, he owns and manages Adelaide Point, Adelaide Energy, and Adelaide Construction.

Ryan started Adelaide Energy out of necessity. Having no luck identifying a competent local solar developer to convert his commercial properties, he soon realized that there was a tremendous need for a commercial and industrial solar provider in the Midwest. Ryan took it upon himself to learn the process of solar development, converted all his buildings to solar, and started Adelaide Energy.

There is a tremendous market for renewable energy right now, and Ryan founded the company to tend to that demand. He is very enthusiastic and excited about the future of sustainable energy.

Pete Bultema

Director of Operations, Peter has more than 20 years of experience managing, designing, staffing, and procuring material for construction projects. Having successful business ownership experience of his own, Peter’s years of experience make him an invaluable asset to the Adelaide Energy team at a time where supply chain issues and labor shortages have left the industry reeling.

Peter is at the heart of every installation. He works closely with sales, manages the customer relationship, removes obstacles, and helps to make the transition from concept to reality as smooth as possible. He has been a vital part of Adelaide Energy’s success to date and will be a cornerstone for Adelaide’s future growth.

Tyler Neff

Director of Sales, Tyler comes with 12 years of sales and business experience in the construction, engineering, and technology industries. His experience in those industries have allowed him to excel in complex and lengthy sales cycles. Due to the highly regulated and ever-changing nature of the solar energy industry, this makes him a tremendous asset to the Adelaide Energy team.

Sales are the lifeblood of any company and even more important to a startup. Tyler has been with Adelaide Energy since the early days. He continues to secure deals, develop vital relationships, and implement systems that will be important in fueling Adelaide Energy’s future growth.

Aubrey Glick

Marketing Manager, Aubrey has demonstrated a knack for producing creative content and capturing the audience’s attention.

The growth and future success of Adelaide Energy relies heavily on having the right person to tell our story and to spread the word about sustainable energy. Aubrey does a great job of utilizing many different platforms to get the word out. Her contributions play a huge part in generating the new prospects that Adelaide Energy needs to ensure future success."

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